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Khao Sok National Park Scenery Photos

The best way to experience Khao Sok scenery is in a small group or on a private tour with a professional tour company

Khao Sok is a photographer's dream. Professional photographer Mr. Frits Meyst of Adventure4ever took these photos.

The images in this scenery image gallery represent the typical sightings on our trips and as these images only affect your vision, you don't get to experience the sounds, smells and tactile sensations that go with these visions.

You have a wonderful view right out of your door on floating bungalow. The sun rises slowly over the layers of mountains. Mornings in Khao Sok are magical. You will spend a lot of time just watching the wonderful diversity of life in this large region of old-growth tropical jungle. For those who don't mind a spending a bit of energy, there is a rewarding viewpoint climb. It normally takes a bit over an hour to reach the summit. Khao Sok lake tour Two families work at the national park bungalows we use. Here, Mr. Goong (Shrimp in Thai) is washing his son in the reservoir.

Ever aware if its surroundings, this Clouded Monitor Lizard (or Bengal Monitor) is watching our every move If you get too hot, simply dive off of the back deck of your floating bungalow and straight into the reservoir. Khao Sok Greater Coucal Blue-eared Kingfishers are common in Khao Sok. Not even the expertise of top photographers can capture the true brilliance of this bird when the light hits it just right. The placid lake in Khao Sok offers easy paddling and stunning scenery in all directions.

Commercial fishermen are allowed to fish in the national park. Sunset is also amazing in Khao Sok. The first hour of sunlight and the last hour are brilliant. Unlimited beauty for all to enjoy. When the reservoir was formed, they didn't cut down the trees. The flooding started in 1983, so this tree has withstood a lot of time in the water.

All pictures are from the cameras of professional photographer Mr. Frits Meyst of Adventure4ever © 2007 PaddleAsia Co., Ltd. No reproduction of any kind is allowed under any circumstances.

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