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Khao Sok National Park Overnight Jungle Survival and Hiking Wildlife Tours

Level: very easy guided tour
Season: all year multi-day overnight tours.  No day trips.
Pros: unique hiking trails, lots of wild edible plants, its's a great place to learn jungle survival, abundant wildlife, old-growth jungle, waterfalls, and caves
Cons: Noise from other tour operators (only at bungalows), logistically challenging (far from Phuket)

Dusky Langur Sample Itinerary

In addition to great hiking and being a superb place to work on your jungle survival skills, Khao Sok is an awesome place to see wildlife.

Khao Sok is the ultimate wildlife sanctuary in southern Thailand. Monkeys are very common, especially Dusky Langurs. These gregarious black and silver monkeys are famous for their leaping ability. Luckily for us, they have defined arboreal pathways... just like our ground trails. This means that you can bet that if you see one make a leap, there will soon be others using the same branches.

Pig-tail Macaques, Long-tail Macaques, and even Stump-tail Macaques are common in the park.

Reticulated Python

White-handed Gibbons, an endangered species of ape, are very common in the park.

We have also seen other rare animals such as Malayan Tapirs, Gaur, Serows (a type of rare mountain goat), Yellow-throated Martens, Malayan Sun Bears, Asiatic Black Bears, Muntjac (deer), and Binturongs.

We see wild elephants rather frequently too.

Khao Sok Wildlife

Several species of hornbill are frequently seen at Khao Sok, including the Great Hornbill. This ancient bird is so big that its wings make noise when it flies. You can even hear them when they glide. Their massive yellow bills and yellow slash in their wings makes them very easy to recognize in flight. Interestingly, the way you tell the sexes is that the males have red eyes. Females have white eyes. The male also has a black area under the cask, the resonating sound chamber resting on top of the bill. The female’s cask is solid yellow.

Common sightings besides the Great Hornbill include Bushy-crested, Oriental-pied, Wreathed, and occasionally the very strange-looking Helmeted Hornbill. You will hear the bizarre call of the Helmeted Hornbill even if you don’t see one. Their call is very unusual.It starts with a series of 'hoot' and finishes with a laughing sound.Water monitor

Plus, there are plenty of big ficus, dipterocarpus, leguminosae, mimosoidaeae and other emergent trees, as well as a good variety of epiphytic plant to discover.

There is no rainforest in Thailand. This is tropical evergreen forest to be precise. Prior to the clear-cutting of the indigenous flora Thailand was covered with rainforest; now it's covered by rubber and oil plantations. The best of what's left is in Khao Sok National Park.

Nam Talu Cave

Nam Talu Cave offers you a chance to see unique cave creatures. This cave trek takes about three hours to complete. The trail follows a lovely creek. It eventually reaches a large entrance to the cave system. The creek flows through the cave and you'll be in shallow water for a while, then deeper water. Click here to see an image gallery of the Nam Talu Cave.

This is a very popular trek with day trippers from the river area of Khao Sok. We do our best to avoid seeing other tour groups.

Khao Sok Hiking Trails

Nam Talu cave Khao Sok

We have a variety of hiking trails, mostly up creeks as they are very pleasant and this gives you the option of going for a swim whenever you wish. We are always flexible. If you want a long walk, that's fine. If you want to chill, that's fine too.

Another interesting place to visit is the viewpoint. This hike is suitable for moderately fit adventurers. The summit of this viewpoint takes about an hour to reach. The view of Cheow Lan Reservoir and the thick jungle below is well-worth the effort to reach the top. As you hike in Khao Sok, your guide will point out wild edible plants, medicinal plants, and wild fruit.

Floating huts in Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok floating hutsWe stay in unique, low impact, floating huts on the massive 165 square kilometer reservoir. These accommodations are very basic.  We support the national park department and these bungalows are owned and operated by the national park. They do not belong to us.

Other tour operators use these bungalows. They can get quite noisy! All of the bungalow operations in Khao Sok National Park have noise issues.

Click here to see some photos. Click here to see our butterfly and moth photo gallery.

For a bunch of image galleries of Khao Sok and other interesting things to see and do in Thailand, see our Pinterest page.

You can find answers to many of your possible questions on our FAQ page.

We offer three, four, five, and six-day tours, but longer trips are available on request.

This tour includes all transfers from nearest local airport, bus station, hotel in Phuket (airfare not included), all equipment, all meals, accommodations once on the trip, snacks, water, coffee, tea, and insurance. Alcohol, soft drinks, and fruit juices are not included.

Binoculars are a good idea for Khao Sok.

Gaur in Khao Sok

Check out these videos of Khao Sok mammals and this one of reptiles.

Phang Nga Province - a much cheaper alternative to Khao Sok

Khao Sok is a bit expensive due to logistics and transportation on the water.

Phang Nga Province has jungle that is just as impressive. It's only a hour north of Phuket, so you'll be there quickly.

We strongly recommend Phang Nga Province instead of Khao Sok unless you want to see the lake. The jungle is just as good, the accommodations are nicer, the dining options are better, and Phang Nga Town is a stunning authentic Thai town surrounded by towering limestime mountains.


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