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Khao Sok National Park Snake Images

Snakes are common in Khao Sok National Park, but rather difficult to see unless you look for them. There are no aggressive snakes in Khao Sok.

Vine Snake Vine Snake Vine Snake Cave Dwelling Snake Big-eyed Pit Viper Big-eyed Pit Viper Big-eyed Pit Viper Big-eyed Pit Viper Golden Tree Snake trying to act like a cobra. Photo by Ian WatersGolden Tree Snake eating a skink. Photo by Ian Waters.Mangrove Pit Viper - photo by Ian Dugdale Southern Mountain Slug Snake - photo by Dave Williams Red-Tailed Pipe Snake - photo by Ian Dugdale Reticulated Python - photo by Dave Williams Reticulated Python Reticulated Python Reticulated Python Painted Bronzeback

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